Purrfect Portal XL
Purrfect Portal XL
Purrfect Portal XL
Purrfect Portal XL
Purrfect Portal XL
Purrfect Portal XL
Purrfect Portal XL

Purrfect Portal XL

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Own a big-boned kitty? Check out Purrfect Portal XL, designed for cats up to 30 lbs. This unique, patent-pending pet door for cats gives your tubbier tabby free & easy access to the food bowl and litter box, even when the door is closed.

  • LARGE CAT DOOR FOR BEEFIER BREEDS: Own a bigger kitty like a Maine Coon, Burmese, Egyptian Mau? This extra-large cat door fits even the heftiest cats (20-30 lbs.), thanks to its 8.7"x11.45" opening.
  • MOST SECURE CAT PORTAL YOU CAN FIND: Most pet doors for cats fasten with flimsy tape. But this patent-pending kitty door attaches firmly with sturdy screws. Installs in minutes; stays snugly in place.
  • KEEPS BIGGER DOGS AT BAY: This large cat door stops your big-breed dog from getting into the cat food & kitty litter. (NOTE: If you own a small- to medium-size dog, you may prefer our regular-size cat door.)
  • NO ANNOYING FLAP: Ever try training a cat to use a flap-covered pet door? It's an exercise in frustration. Fortunately, Purrfect Portal is 100% flap-free, so your pudgy feline can walk right through.
  • FITS SOLID & HOLLOW DOORS: Unlike most big cat doors, Purrfect Portal fits all standard interior doors (1.25"-1.75" thick). Unique design keeps cat's paws from getting stuck inside hollow-core doors.

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    Ronnie T.
    Works good will not stop doggo

    It’s good. Both cats use it but it did not stop the puppy. She just streamlined her body and worked through. I discovered this after being rudely awoken at 3am by a puppy in the bedroom

    Jeff B.
    It's purrfect

    I love it, the cat loves it. She's a chonk and can cruise right thru

    debbie t.
    Cats and dog love it

    This is perfect and finally my bedroom door can be clised at night

    Doris E. Speer
    Great product

    I saw this at my friends house and had to have one. We keep our litter box in the laundry room and, until now, we had to leave the laundry room door open. Love that I can now close my laundry room door!

    vicki w.
    Cute, cute. Cute

    This is so cute I cannot wait to get new door for it. Havent used it yet but love it

    Extra-Large Opening Never Cramps Your Kitty

    With its 8.7"x11.45" entrance, this XL cat door accommodates even the heftiest purr-babies

    Fast, Fuss-Free Installation.

    Why struggle with frustrating, complicated directions? Simply screw one piece of your Purrfect Portal cat passage into your door. Then attach the other piece to the door's other side. Top with screw caps,), and you're set. All hardware is included.

    Won't Rip Away from the Door.

    Once you install Purrfect Portal, it's there for keeps (unless and until you remove it). Features thick, rugged molded plastic that stands up to tons of wear. Uses sturdy screws, not skimpy adhesive tape, so it's the most secure cat entrance door you can find.

    Protects Your Cat's Paws.

    Have a hollow-core door? No problem. Purrfect Portal is specially made to cover the door's hollow opening. That way, curious cats can't jam their paws inside or scrape their skin on the rough, coarse wood. (This ingenious pet portal also installs easily in solid doors. Has a sleek, smooth surface, with no sharp edges to chafe or scratch your kitty.)

    No Flap to Fluster Your Furbaby

    Detailed Directions for Easy Install