Introducing French Door

Voilá! Here's our latest, most whimsical cat door yet, the ultra-dreamy, trés chic French Cat Door.

Give Your Cat the Freedom They Deserve

The Purrfect Portal is the purrfect interior cat door for your home! Cute, easy to install, and has a one-year guarantee!

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Customer Reviews


This is aDOORable. Keeps the dogs from sneaking “treats” out of the litter box! After 2 years we can finally close the door to our laundry room! It was super easy to install. Took all of about 20 minutes!

Amazon Customer

It’s so cute and practical! It’s definitely worth the price. This cat door offers more than the others I was looking at and for less. Very happy with my purchase.

Matt Carruthers

Everyone that comes over complements it. I then have to show them how it closes and locks! This is the best cat door and I am super happy with my purchase! I would recommend to anyone looking for a cat door!


I don’t write a lot of reviews but I am over the moon pleased with this door! We needed to keep the cat confined during the night and let her roam freely during the day. We also needed to keep the toddler and two dogs out of her space. This door is absolutely perfect for that! I have to teach the toddler not to randomly close it but I’m sure the novelty will wear off eventually. It helps that it’s stinkin’ adorable too!

Amanda Crawford

I saw this door on Instagram from a friend. I showed my husband and we purchased two! They were so easy to install and looks great in our upstairs. Our cats now have a safe place to go away from the dogs, and we can finally close the door to the litter box area. We just purchased our 3rd one, and added it to our daughters door. This way she can keep her door shut, but the cats can still come and snuggle with her at night. Would recommend this to anyone who has cats!


I love this cat door. It is SO cute & totally functional! Very easy to cut the hole in the door with the template. Cats weren’t weird about it and it’s the perfect size for them. I just love that you can lock it too if you need to keep them out of whatever room the door is in. Definitely worth it on cuteness factor alone!!!


It fit in the door great and has worked better than expected. Cats have had no issue going in and out. The brush has been working, which I just vacuum regularly. The biggest win is the litter smell is gone. Was worried with no door but 0 smell. Our large dogs could barely get down low enough to even look in which is great as well.


Purrfect Portal in the Wild

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