Wall Entry Meow Manor
Wall Entry Meow Manor
Wall Entry Meow Manor
Wall Entry Meow Manor
Wall Entry Meow Manor
Wall Entry Meow Manor
Wall Entry Meow Manor
Wall Entry Meow Manor

Wall Entry Meow Manor

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You asked, we listened; and we're thrilled to introduce the Wall Entry Meow Manor!

Our beloved Meow Manor Interior Cat Doors can now be installed in interior walls, providing the purr-fect solution for those who prefer to keep their doors untouched.

Forget the hassle of training—simply follow our easy DIY kit instructions and watch as your cat confidently strolls into their private sanctuary. Securely lock this cat door for interior walls to keep your furry companions and little ones safe and sound.

Our wall entry Meow Manor not only adds functionality but also elevates the aesthetic of any space. With a wide opening, it ensures your furry friend can come and go freely while keeping the litter box discreetly out of sight and scent. And yes, our doggy door for walls accommodates canines too—just refer to our size recommendations!

Equipped with a hassle-free locking system, our doggie door keeps unwanted intruders at bay while allowing your pets to roam freely. And with its smooth-open design, your cat can glide in and out with ease.

Crafted with durability in mind, this high-quality pet door is designed to withstand the test of time, providing you with peace of mind while your cat enjoys their royal treatment. Plus, every purchase of our cat doors for walls supports Purrfect Heroes in their noble cause of aiding cat rescue partners.

Don't settle for anything less for your beloved kitty—treat them to the best today and revel in their purrs of delight.

- PURRFECT COMFORT & SECURITY: Give your furry friend the VIP entrance they deserve with our wall entry cat door. This cat door interior door boasts a built-in locking feature, offering you peace of mind while your fur baby enjoys their private retreat.

Say goodbye to complicated setups—our cat wall tunnel comes with everything you need for a quick and easy DIY installation. With a spacious opening, our pet door for wall allows for effortless entry and exit for cats up to 20 lbs.

Offering style and functionality, our cat door for wall interior complements your home decor while providing your pet's access needs. Unlike other cat doors for walls, it discreetly conceals the litter box for a fresh-smelling home.

Create a pet paradise with our wall-mounted interior cat door, giving each furry friend their entrance to freedom. In addition to a dog door for wall, this pet door ensures a paws-itively delightful living space.

Make your purr-chase count! Every purchase of our cat doors contributes to supporting cat rescue partners through Purrfect Heroes, helping save and improve rescue cats' nine lives, one feline at a time.

Box includes:

Wall Entry Meow Manor (White)
Screws and caps
Instruction Sheet
Cut-out Template
Wall anchors (for wall thickness between 3.5” to 5.5”)

Product Dimensions:
Length: 9.25”
Height: 9.84”

Interior Opening Dimensions
8.88”x 7.13” 
Bottom edge of door: 8.13”

Box Dimensions:
9.84" x 9.84" x 6.69" 

Box Weight:

2.09 lbs

Bigger Opening Easily Fits Cats up to 20 Pounds

From tiny kittens to hefty tabbies... this spacious interior cat door accommodates them all.

Simpler to Install

Forget those complicated cat holes that require messy glue, pins, and tape. Your Purrfect Portal kitty door installs easily in only 15 to 20 minutes. Simply screw in both sides, top with screw caps, and you're set. All hardware is included.

More Secure than Most

Because it fastens with screws – not flimsy adhesive – this sturdy pet door for cats will never tear away from your interior door. Comes in thick, rugged molded plastic for lasting durability.

Fits Both Solid and Hollow Doors

Purrfect Portal is specially designed for all standard interior doors (1.25"-1.75" thick). Safely fits hollow-core doors: Its sleek plastic arch keeps your cat's tender paws from getting stuck inside the door's hollow opening

No-Flap Design Won't Frustrate Your Cat (Or You)

Custom Template & Easy Instructions