Purrfect Portal with Brush - Installation

Step 1

Remove door from doorway by pulling hinge pins. Hint: Position flat screw driver to catch top of pin and tap upward with hammer. Begin with the bottom hinge and work upwards. Be sure to support door so it does not fall and cause damage or injury.

Step 2

Lay the door down on a sturdy work surface. Double-check that you're working on the bottom of the door.

Step 3

Locate the "Purrfect Portal with Brush Template" and cut out the template along the bold outer line.

Step 4

Mark a centerline at the bottom of the door. Place the template on the door and align it with the center mark on the door.

Step 5

Use a pencil to trace the outer edge of the template. Hint: If you tape the template onto the door, it's easier to draw an outline around the entrance hole.

Step 6

Carefully, use a jigsaw or similar tool to cut along the traced line on the door to create the opening.

Step 7

Locate the Purrfect Portal part labeled "A". You want to install part "A" on the side of the door that faces "out" once installed (this is the side of the door where you'll be able to remove or insert the brush strip). Place the Purrfect Portal side "A" on the door surface.

Step 8

Make sure the bottom edge of the Purrfect Portal is up against the bottom edge of the door.

Step 9

Insert and tighten a screw in each of the 4 holes. Do not over-tighten screws. Insert a rubber screw cap cover into each hole.

Step 10

Flip door to opposite side.

Step 11

Repeat installation steps 9 & 10 using Purrfect Portal part labeled "B".

Removing the Brush

Inserting the Brush

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