Beacon Hill Interior Cat Door
Beacon Hill Interior Cat Door
Beacon Hill Interior Cat Door
Beacon Hill Interior Cat Door
Beacon Hill Interior Cat Door
Beacon Hill Interior Cat Door
Beacon Hill Interior Cat Door
Beacon Hill Interior Cat Door

Beacon Hill Interior Cat Door

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Introducing the Beacon Hill Cat Door, a stylish and sophisticated entryway inspired by the architectural charm of Boston's historic Beacon Hill neighborhood. This interior pet door is a stylish accent that brings a touch of Beacon Hill's charming cobblestone streets, gas lamps, and Federal-style row houses to your home.

Drawing inspiration from the timeless beauty of Beacon Hill, our interior cat door features intricate details and sleek lines that pay homage to the rich history and sophistication of the neighborhood. It's more than just a pet accessory; it's a statement piece that enhances the ambiance of your home.

Unlike our other cat door models, the Beacon Hill cat door has an all-door, no-window design to ensure 100% privacy for your kitty. This stylish interior door brings a touch of elegance to your home while providing privacy and safety for your beloved feline companion. 

Made with cat moms and cat dads in mind, the Beacon Hill Door comes with screws and caps as well as an instruction sheet so you can DIY your way through it.

With its durable design and easy operation, this cat door for interior door turns your cat into the ultimate explorer. Say goodbye to those pesky litter box odors - this cat door for door locks tight, keeping your home smelling fresh. Plus, a portion of each sale goes to help rescue cats in need - making it a purchase you can feel good about.

Upgrade your cat's comfort and your home's style with the Beacon Hill cat door for wall interior. Chic, stylish, and fun to use - this cat hole for door is a must-have accessory for every feline friend!

  • YOUR CAT'S TRANQUIL ESCAPE (Up to 20 lbs): Give your feline friend the gift of ultimate relaxation with this lockable cat door! Our Beacon Hill Cat Door design creates a cozy, private retreat, perfect for napping away from playful children or curious housemates.  Imagine your kitty lounging in blissful solitude, finally free from unwanted interruptions. This secure haven allows your cat to indulge in their natural need for privacy, promoting a sense of security and reducing stress.

  • MADE FOR COMFORT: This generously sized pet door for interior doors boasts ample headroom and width, ensuring a comfortable and dignified entryway for even your most majestic feline friend. With a large opening, even the most pampered cats or dogs up to 20 lbs can easily strut in and out. No more squeezing through cramped openings! 

  • BOSTON’S BEST FOR YOUR KITTY: Inspired by the most picturesque neighborhood in Boston, our Beacon Hill interior cat door seamlessly integrates with your home décor, offering both beauty and practicality. This design cleverly conceals the litter box, keeping unpleasant odors at bay for a consistently fresh-smelling home. It's the ideal choice for cat owners who appreciate both style and functionality.

  • SIMPLE DIY FOR BUSY CAT PARENTSTransform any room’s interior door into a pet-friendly space with this easy-to-install cat door!  This universal design seamlessly integrates with solid or hollow core interior doors ranging from 1.25 inches to 1.75 inches thick, creating a convenient passage for your furry friend.  Skip the contractor and enjoy a stress-free setup with our high-quality materials –  forget flimsy flaps or complicated instructions. It's the purrfect DIY project for cat parents who value both convenience and a beautiful home environment. 

  • PRIVACY ON DEMAND: This interior cat door comes with a secure locking mechanism that offers ultimate control – grant access for playtime or lock it down for a designated quiet zone during loud noises or new pet introductions. Imagine a stress-free environment for your kitty, fostering a happy and relaxed household for everyone.

Box includes:
Beacon Hill Door
Screws and caps
Instruction Sheet

Product Dimensions:

Length: 10.63”
Height: 9.45”

Box Dimensions:
10.83” x 9.84” x 4.33”

Box Weight:
1.61 lbs or 0.8kg

Bigger Opening Easily Fits Cats up to 20 Pounds

From tiny kittens to hefty tabbies... this spacious interior cat door accommodates them all.

Simpler to Install

Forget those complicated cat holes that require messy glue, pins, and tape. Your Purrfect Portal kitty door installs easily in only 15 to 20 minutes. Simply screw in both sides, top with screw caps, and you're set. All hardware is included.

More Secure than Most

Because it fastens with screws – not flimsy adhesive – this sturdy pet door for cats will never tear away from your interior door. Comes in thick, rugged molded plastic for lasting durability.

Fits Both Solid and Hollow Doors

Purrfect Portal is specially designed for all standard interior doors (1.25"-1.75" thick). Safely fits hollow-core doors: Its sleek plastic arch keeps your cat's tender paws from getting stuck inside the door's hollow opening

No-Flap Design Won't Frustrate Your Cat (Or You)

Custom Template & Easy Instructions

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