French Cat Door - Patented Cat Door for Interior Doors - Tres Chic
French Cat Door - Patented Cat Door for Interior Doors - Tres Chic
French Cat Door - Patented Cat Door for Interior Doors - Tres Chic
French Cat Door - Patented Cat Door for Interior Doors - Tres Chic
French Cat Door - Patented Cat Door for Interior Doors - Tres Chic
French Cat Door - Patented Cat Door for Interior Doors - Tres Chic

French Cat Door - Patented Cat Door for Interior Doors - Tres Chic

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Add a touch of elegance to your home interior with our European-inspired French Door—crafted with intricate detail and coordinating window panels that will sweep you off your feet (or paws). Purrfect Portal’s French Door lets you enjoy the comfort of letting your pet in and out of the room without having to get up each time. Made for small to medium-sized cats, this 7.94 x 9.64” cat door for interior door provides a spacious opening for pets up to 20 lbs. Fits standard solid and hollow core doors.

French Door is designed for your cat's safety and your peace of mind. Our cat doors for inside make it easy to hide the nasty litter box smell and keep the dogs out. The no-flap system prevents injured paws from getting stuck in the door. It's easy to lock, easy to set up, and easy to use so no training is needed! Comes with detailed installation instructions and a cut-out template for the door for an easy installation that only takes 30 minutes.

  • FITS PURRFECTLY - Your cats purred and we listened. Our mission at Purrfect Portal is to provide whimsical, innovative, and functional cat doors to the world! Introducing our latest innovation–the French Cat Door. Purrfect for cats up to 20 lbs. Same heavy-duty cat doors, new charming design.

  • A NO-FLAP KITTY DOOR YOUR CAT WILL LOVE! Roaming around the house should be just as easy for your cats. Made with high-quality ABS plastic, our 7.13 x 8.32" interior cat door is designed for safety, durability, and your cat's privacy. The door size fits solid and hollow core doors in your bathroom, bedroom, laundry room, or basement.

  • TRES CHIC & STYLISH AESTHETIC - Add an elegant accent to your interior with our signature French Door. Designed with a classic all-white finish and coordinating window panels, our cat door offers a crisp, clean appearance that works beautifully in traditional as well as modern interiors. Hide the litter box in style so your pet can do their business minus the odor and keep the dogs out when your cat needs their own me time.

  • EASY DIY SETUP - Buying a cat door is one thing, bringing it to life is another story which is why we made our pet doors for cats a DIY project that's fun and easy to install. Our kit comes with an easy-to-follow manual and traceable template so you can set it up with no sweat.

  • FLAP TRAINING NO MORE - What's cuter than your cat? Your cat entering our SIGNATURE FRENCH DOOR of course! Our indoor cat door is easy to install for hoomans and easier to use for your cat. Sniff, inspect, and pass through! That's all it takes for your fur baby to figure it out.

    High-Quality Cat Door
    Size: M
    Dimensions: 7.13” L x 8.32” H
    Color: White
    Fits Cats Up To 20 lbs
    Compatible with Standard Solid & Hollow Core Doors
    Easy DIY Installation
    Comes with Easy To Follow Instructions, Cut-Out Template, Screws & Caps
    Heavy-Duty, Sturdy, & Secured
    Purrfect Gift For Cat Parents
    Chic Design For Traditional & Contemporary Home Aesthetic

Bigger Opening Easily Fits Cats up to 20 Pounds

From tiny kittens to hefty tabbies... this spacious interior cat door accommodates them all.

Simpler to Install

Forget those complicated cat holes that require messy glue, pins, and tape. Your Purrfect Portal kitty door installs easily in only 15 to 20 minutes. Simply screw in both sides, top with screw caps, and you're set. All hardware is included.

More Secure than Most

Because it fastens with screws – not flimsy adhesive – this sturdy pet door for cats will never tear away from your interior door. Comes in thick, rugged molded plastic for lasting durability.

Fits Both Solid and Hollow Doors

Purrfect Portal is specially designed for all standard interior doors (1.25"-1.75" thick). Safely fits hollow-core doors: Its sleek plastic arch keeps your cat's tender paws from getting stuck inside the door's hollow opening

No-Flap Design Won't Frustrate Your Cat (Or You)

Custom Template & Easy Instructions